David Bowie x KCRW DJs: Golden Years [REMIXED]!

KCRW has been working on this “SoundClash”series, where the DJs take a turn at remixing a joint by their favorite, socially conscious artist. So far, they’ve done remixes from Ozomatli and Femi Kuti! This time around, they’ve been approached by the crew representing David Bowie to remix the Golden Years [1975] track, from the album Station to Station [which was recorded in L.A.]. It was originally pulled together to celebrate the release of the re-mastered album! Click [here] to see what they did..

NOTE: The Golden Years joint was originally released in November of that year [1975] as a ‘shortened’ single, but eventually was released that following January as a full-length one. In addition, it was the first track completed during the Station to Station recordings.

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