sup family..

thank you for stopping by my official blog. I had one thru xanga many moons ago [dont worry, its STILL up], but i haven’t been active in almost 10 years on that thing, so yes.. you can still see my old posts, poems and all that jazz.

The main reason why I wanted to make this blog is because I’ve been thinking about how active I am involved in music, politics, art, school, or whatever my passion lies- and I kinda started continuing to blog out on my myspace page, but it seems that my page became only a place where I can look up places to go only for events. So, with that being said, I have decided to post event flyers, artshows that I’ve attended/will be attending, political images [stories & the like], music [free stuff, discussions, artist spotlights, etc] – all will be posted here.

So with all of that being said, stay tuned- and thanks for coming. I hope you will enjoy your stay.


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