..one of the most anticipated ‘mixtapes’ [lol] of the year…

I’m 2o minutes into this tape as we speak and i’m already digging it! It’s pretty damn smooth, and the flow of this tape is pretty high and consistent! From what I’ve heard, this is one of the most anticipated mixtapes of the year! I can honestly see [or better yet, hear] why. There’s a funny story for my discovering of this dude, Wale. I’ve seen his name being thrown across the net for a while- at first I’ve mistaken him for Wale Oyejide, the young ‘afrobeat producer/artist/revolutionary’ who did “There’s A War Goin’ On Outside” with the late, great Jay Dee [at the time], aka J Dilla. Fast fwd time,  and i discovered a track that I’ve seen on a blog that was free for download [forgot the blog’s name], but it was off the Mixtape About Nothing called “The Kramer” [search for Kramer racist rant @ the laugh factory on youtube]. Still, I wasn’t paying attention that much to him. But once I heard that he’s linking with 9th Wonder, I immediately showed interest [9th is one of my favorite producers]. The mixtape came out today, well, yesterday.. and I immediately downloaded it. To quote Wale about his mixtape,…

Back To The Feature is taking it back to the fun days in hiphop where artists worked with each other for the love and not for the checks and politics. It’s an easy listen; no controversy, no dramatic records. It’s pure hiphop from artists that we love to listen to. It’s collaborations with me and other artists like Joe Budden, Currensy, Joell Ortiz, Tre from UCB, Drake, Bun B, J Cole, Talib Kweli, Royceda 5’9, XO, Ken Starr, and many others.”

Click the tracklisting pic for the download. It’s a single mp3, but if you want the ‘track-for-track’ listing style, then email me or comment here, and ill upload the mixtape on here. 



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