Long Beach’s Park Jam – A monthly full of Summer Sundays!

ahhh.. the place I call home: Long Beach! What else is there to say about it?

Let me first, introduce you to another backyard boogie that my sisters and brothers from Collective I showcase every month during the summer- PARK JAM! This event started back in 2003, but I got word on it probably in ’05, during my hangout days at the Blue Nile Cafe. This is another way to end your weekend off- just relaxing, listen to the DJ[s] play some good music all day long while eating some good ol’ barbeque- plus other goodies [c/o The Mighty Junebugg & Collective I]. The food is free, all they ask is for you to contribute for the cause, especially to keep this event going. It’s open to the public, well.. its at Cesar Chavez Park! Starts around noon.. well, check out the flyer that I’ve posted above! Seriously, dont miss out on this event- you’ll regret it, if you do!

Feel free to check out my previous memories of this event- when it was over at Cherry Park. Due to scandalous intentions [IMO] and people supposedly complaining about the noise + cops keep patroling the area.. they moved it to Cesar Chavez Park [near the 710 fwy]. Come on out this Sunday!



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