How amazing.. Bill Clinton deserves to be praised!

Bill Clinton is a rider..

I’m just happy to see that they’ve been brought home safely. I mean, from all the bullshit aside with this chess game that North Korea was playing with two ‘pawns’ in his hand, Bill Clinton single-handedly took them right out of Kim-Jong-Il’s palm. But peacefully. According to some sources, this was a private mission, but under certain conditions, especially not having to talk about the Nuclear tests. Either way, I’m just glad that although Kim Jong Il could’ve started some serious shit once Clinton got there [and would’ve regret it later], he had heart enough to let all three come back in one piece. See, this is the Bill Clinton I knew. He knew how to talk to people, especially world leaders. He should’ve been an ambassador or something!

I was just surprised at how low the news about Bill going over to N Korea was. I dont think it was on TV, but it was posted over the net. I read about this last night.. and to hear about this outcome, this can give people hope for a better world by just ‘talking’.

To see all 3 of them get on the plane, click here.


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