We STILL Reminisce Over You – Aaliyah Haughton.

January 16, 1979 – August 25, 2001

Damn. She would’ve turned 3o this year if she was still here.

Here are some tribute mixes for you guys to check out. click the pictures to download:

Baby Girl: The Best Of Aaliyah [Tracklisting]:

Disc 1.

01. Back And Forth
02. At Your Best [You Are Love]
03. Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number
04. One In A Million
05. Hot Like Fire
06. If Your Girl Only Knew
07. Choosey Lover [Old School/New School]
08. 4 Page Letter
09. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
10. The One I Gave My Heart To
11. We Need A Resolution
12. Rock The Boat
13. Loose Rap
14. More Than A Woman
15. Read Between The Lines
16. It’s Whatever
17. Jesse Boykins III – I Care 4 U (Aaliyah Tribute)

Disc 2 [Tracklisting]:

01. Back & Forth [Mr. Lee And R. Kelly’s Remix]
02. Are You Ready? [Sunset Park Soundtrack]
03. One In A Million (Remi)(Feat. Ginuwine)[Sprung Soundtrack]
04. Stickin’ Chickens (Feat. Missy Elliot And Da Brat)[“Da Real World” Album]
05. Journey To The Past [Anastasia Soundtrack]
06. Are You That Somebody? [Dr. Doolittle Soundtrack]
07. Best Friends (Feat. Missy Elliot)[“Supa Dupa Fly” Album]
08. Final Warning (Feat. Ginuwine)[“100% Ginuwine” Album]
09. Man Undercover (Feat. Timbaland)[“Welcome To Our World” Album]
10. You Won’t See Me Tonight (Feat. Nas)[“I Am” Album]
11. Turn The Page [Music Of The Heart Soundtrack]
12. John Blaze (Feat. Timbaland)[“Tim’s Bio” Album]
13. I Don’t Wanna [Romeo Must Die Soundtrack]
14. Try Again [Romeo Must Die Soundtrack]
15. Come Back In One Piece (Feat. DMX)[Romeo Must Die Soundtrack]
16. Are You Feelin’ Me? [Romeo Must Die Soundtrack]
17. Ain’t Never (Feat. Outsiderz)[“Outsiderz4life” Album]
18. I’m Music (Feat. Beck)[Tribute Single/”Indecent Proposal” Album]

DJ Concept: More Than A Woman [Tracklisting]:

1. You Won’t See Me Tonight-Nas Ft Aaliyah
2. Are You Feelin Me?
3. Try Again
4. Loose Rap-Aaliyah ft Static
5. 4 Page Letter
6. One In A Million
7. Are You That Somebody?-Aaliyah ft Mad Skillz
8. U Got Nerve
9. If You Girl Only Knew
10. Come Back In One Piece-Aaliyah ft DMX
11. Sticken Chickens-Aaliyah ft Missy
12. We Need A Resolution
13. It’s Whatever
14. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
15. Rock The Boat



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