New face of racism: CHINA [facing its’ deep-rooted prejudices].

Lou Jing on Dragon TV's Go Oriental Angel [talent show].

shoutout to Susanna Ure for this news. if you’re on twitter, please follow her. she gives you the wordly news damn near every minute.

In Shanghai, China, there’s this popular TV show called ‘Jia You, Oriental Angels’ [or Go! Oriental Angels]  from Dragon TV’s network. There was one particular contestant that signed up for this show by the name of Lou Jing. The network initially had doubts on letting her perform, but for their own benefit and greed, they allowed her to compete. She made it to the top 5, and because of this, there’s been a storm of controversy by the ‘netizens‘ [or people who post online- who are active on the internet in community chatrooms] as to why is she even on the show. The reason why she’s the talk of the town, as one reporter has put it, is because she’s black.

Since China has its finger rapidly touching the censor button, there’s definitely no showing of favoritism towards Lou. Even the internet communities are dissing her big time. On chinaSMACK, she was misquoted as saying..

I am DragonTV Angel Lou Jing, and here I make a statement!

  1. My father is American, not African.
  2. I am a born and bred Shanghainese person.
  3. I should not have to bear my parents’ mistake, I am innocent!
  4. Sternly but strongly protest some people’s racism, my skin color should not become a target of attack!

I reserve the right to take legal action!

In fact, when she initially posted, she DIDNT say “she shouldn’t have to bear her parent’s mistake”. She said “Parents should not be the fault of her commitment..” [click the link and TRANSLATE the page]. Then, as you read the rest of the comments, everyone is basically bashing her and her father [for leaving her family]. Supposedly what happened with this situation, was that her mother had cheated on her husband [who was Chinese] with a black man. As far as where he went?.. no one knows. All people know is that he has a daughter who is seriously facing scrutiny because of who she is. Bloggers even went as far as saying that she IS NOT Chinese. WOW.. this girl is FLUENT in Shanghaianese and FLUENT in Mandarin. She lives and breathes Chinese. She was BORN in China.. She’s pure-bred CHINESE to me [w/the mix of being African American]. IMO, just because you dont identify physically with being a certain race doesnt mean that it’s not WHO you are.

The question is: Considering for the most part that people who despicably HATE those who date outside their race, knowing that eventually people are evolving to venture into different avenues [and it’s obviously around you every where you go], how can you go on living with that mindstate?  I know and acknowledge that it’s a different situation in other countries like China, but living here in the states its all around you. Just like how Hung Huang stated on her blog, which is sad, but true..

“In the same year that Americans welcome Obama to the White House, we can’t even accept this girl with a different skin colour.”

To read more about this story, check these links.


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