DJ Orator – Introduction + “Guys & Dolls”.

Some of you may know who DJ Orator is, some of you may not. But for us LA heads, and those who are LBC bound.. we consider him family. One thing I can say for this brotha here is that he’s paid his dues, and I’ve been around long enough to see that come to fruition. He’s been rockin’ crowds for the underground [purists], and now currently taking his skills to new heights with making a name for himself in the Hollywood scene.

To all you purists, before you even think about calling him a ‘sellout’, let’s keep it real here. He’s still 100% committed to where his heart is by being a guest DJ at random low-key spots and underground hiphop spots, but he knows where the money lies. You can’t be in the same place for a long time and not want to move forward. Either way it goes you gotta respect him. You cant sweat the technique. Peep the format:

Major Events, Concerts and Radio:

2001-2002 radio Imaging Producer For Satuday Night Live With Eric Cubeechee 100.3 The Beat.
2001 to Present. DJ Mixer and Producer Divine Forces Radio 90.7fm KPFK
2002. Up and comming guest DJ mixer showcase on 1003. The Beat KKBT.
2005 Official Concert DJ for The “We The People” music festival in Watts California.
2005 Guest DJ at Rock The Bells.
2006 Guest DJ at Rock The Bells.
2006 Official DJ for The Visionaries (Up Above Records) album release party and concert at
the Vault 350 Long Beach.
2006 KDAY 93.5 Holiday Mix weekends DJ.
2006 Tour DJ for Brother J of X-Clan.
2006 Guest DJ and Performance with KRS ONE at The Little Temple Bar Los Angeles CA.
2007 Guest DJ and Performance with KRS ONE at the rythem Lounge Long Beach CA.
2007 Official Breaking The Cypher (muliti media hiphop dance showcase) DJ at the Ford Amphitheater in Hollywood.
2007 Guest DJ And Performance with HONO, Rocc C and M.E.D (stones Throw) at the Air Liner in Los Angeles
2007 Official DJ for the Hidden Beach Recordings Listening Party hosted by Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornell West at Club Element in Hollywood
2008 Opening DJ For George Clinton and P-Funk Vault 350 Long Beach
2008 Opening DJ For George Clinton and P-Funk (World Famous Malibu Inn)
2008 We The People Music Festival

Last month, he was one of the DJs that was on the bill for the LMNO Album Listening Party [which Ive posted here]. He also have a couple of weekly spots that he spins at, but if you want to check him out, check him out at the Arsenal on Saturdays in West LA. I even posted his events on the Weekend Events [below] if you want to check him out! Dont sleep!

Oh and one more thing..  well there’s two: here are some treats for you to download. The reason for the name of “Guys and Dolls” is because that’s the name of the theme of the club he spins at [ENTREE].  Keep doing your thing, man!


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