Rude & Crude Presents: Ska & Rockabilly Festival at The Glass House [Pomona] – 12/06

Shoutout to Jelani for hitting me up on facebook about this event! In all honesty, I took this as an opportunity to venture out and explore for myself to see what the rockabilly scene is about! I’ve been quite familar with ska, but I have never been to a show/concert/weekly event where they play one or the other [you guys already know what im used to]. One of my homegirls who became very active in the rockabilly scene [a lil over 2 years ago] said that the scene showcases all-ages events.  Anyways, enough with the intro from me. Im always a student when it comes to music, and this was definitely an experience im glad to be a part of! Shoutout to The Noise Academy for the love they’ve shown towards me. Now let’s get into it..

The event started at 11am that morning, but I didnt get there til around 6:30pm [taking the train to DTLA + the Foothill Transit towards Pomona]. I got here just in time to see the last four bands play. Because of these performances, I’m planning on going to more shows like these in the near future… Anamarie? Hit a brotha with more info! LOL. Ill just explain here what bands did their thing..

The first group I got to see when I arrived were The Bashments. They were doing a live jam session. Jelani told me that they were going at it for about long while waaaay before I got there. After their session was over [probably like 5 min later], then they did a couple of songs. They were getting down, especially the two guys who were playing the sax and the trombone – they were sick on the horns! They were a dope group! They had some groovy cuts that got me moving in place, gettin’ my head nod on and seeing everyone else getting down. They are a great band to take notice of!

The second group that went up call themselves The Rocketz. Once they took stage, they immediately woke the crowd up. The crowd gathered immediately to the stage and watch Tony Slash play his heart out on the guitar while Sharky the bassist [EDIT: Sharky wasn’t the guy who played the bass this night; it was a stand-in; he was siiiick nonetheless] played the shit out of that bass instrument! Everyone was rockin’ with them! I find myself getting down with them.. because to admit it to myself, they had some serious shit! In addition, I started singing one of their songs [East LA], yet I didnt know it [lol] and another one talking about “a bottle of beer”  or something! Nonetheless, they put on a thrilling performance! What’s great about artists like these is that they interact with the crowd and the crowd gives them feedback [not on some “here is the next song we’re gonna play.. and blah blah blah” type shit]. Fuck. That.

Okay, so here’s the 3rd group that played called the Skeletones. Now, from what I remember, this ska group has been around for quite some time, since the 80s. They’re a band whose ‘riddims’ are heavily influenced by punk and rock music. All of the members of this group has played an energetic roll in their performance this night and you have this guy [pic on left] rockin’ back and forth across the stage getting the audience hype! There was a point in time where the group and the audience’s chemistry were bonding in unison. Some of the people that were looking from afar were looking on- maybe they just didnt get it… yet. That’s what music does to you; It grabs your attention and you just do what you feel, especially when you’re paying close attention. Does it sound corny? Yea, maybe. But it is what it is.

Now, here’s the headliner of the night: The Phenomenauts! After the Skeletones left the stage and I saw props being brought onto the stage, I was like what the hell? I didnt know what to expect. The Phenomenauts had on uniforms that was similar to the ones from the original Star Trek episodes [’66], but they rocked them well [check out the pics]. They had a mission statement, and had fans in the audience wearing similar uniforms, showing their allegiance to the band. They shot toilet paper into the audience, they had the fog machine fill up the whole stage, with infrared beams shooting through. Seriously, it seems like the played their role right out of a sci-fi tv show [with everyone getting down]! It was cool to see that they have a unique way of putting on a performance for the people; I havent seen a performance like this in quite a while!


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