BP & ODDS + BEAT SWAP MEET + 12/20/09 = “It’s Gonna Be A Good Day!”

If you have never been to this event, then you should definitely come out! Crate Diggers, do you remember back in the days when there was small local record shops in your neighborhood? Not the corporate ones, but the “mom & pop” ones! I remember there was one in my hood that I used to go to called Jordan’s Record Shop and it used to be on the corner of New York St & Alamitos Ave, but now its an apt building. Funny thing is.. they kept the outside looking the same way. Picture this event… as you going back into time where you used to go to your local record shop lookin’ for tapes and vinyl during the pre-Compact Disc era.

The homie Rob and the crew [you’re probably familiar with them if you have went before] are holdin’ it down for one last time for the year for another 6 hours of the day [from noon-6pm to be exact]. It’s a great way to go out and meet people and talk music and vinyl; plus you will get to taste some of my homegirl Junebugg‘s cooking [which I finally got a chance to do, and may I add its DELICIOUS]! Not only that, there will be plenty of vendors out there selling clothes, and an assortment of other items as well. All I have to say is get there early and you’ll be good! It will get crowded.

After a few hours of hanging out and chillin’ with some folks, head on out to Zanzibar [Santa Monica] and check out my peoples BP & ODDS do their thing with El Prez, Ophrap, and other cats honoring LA’s favorite producer DiBiase for Producer Of The Year! Oh yea, it costs a buck to get in. Yes, ONE DOLLAR! There’s absolutely NO excuse to miss this!

[“oooh ahhhh…” (c/o Ronald Isley)]


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