Saying goodbye this past thursday was difficult for some [The Rootdown].

Wow, after twelve years being on the party scene as one of the biggest spots to hit up on a thursday night, The Rootdown Soundsystem is closing its doors, and ending it on a great note! It sucked to see this day come, but change is always good for whatever reason it may have been. My memories of being at the Rootdown was always at the Little Temple Bar, but there were talks from the regulars of it being at a more previous location. Crazy thing about it is that it hasnt even been that long since they moved over to El Cid (which was about 5 min away from Little Temple) [see pic above].

There were so many people in attendance, I think me and the folks that I rolled up there with got there around 1030pm or a lil after 11. When we got in, it wasnt packed on the patio floor [yet], but it was definitely growing with people minute by minute. Some of the folks I knew that never went came thru that night. It was great, but it was a bitch being at the bar for almost an hour trying to get drinks [I only had one]. But anyways, Breakestra did their thing on the stage, DJ Jedi was in the mix for a few! It was so packed and tight that I ended up seeing Z-Trip having to get up on the stage to speak on behalf of thursday’s favorite family! Who actually knew who came out that night to show support? It was THAT crowded.

Hopefully, next year… they have bigger things in the plans. I’m pretty sure they will.


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