Abstract Workshop + Candice’s Birthday Celebration [12/18]

Happy Birthday, Candice!

This night started off with shit going wrong to begin with; well.. not really. Originally, I was supposed to head out to Firecracker’s last party right after I hung out at the Basement [Broadway & Linden] for Candice’s bday & Abstract Workshop, but the plans have faltered because I got off work a lil later than I was supposed to. It’s all good, nonetheless.

From what I remembered, the Abstract Workshop was a monthly event that took place in Orange County; specifically at the Detroit Bar.  Your underground favorite emcees would be on the lineup to perform there [Slum Village, Strange Fruit Project, Blu & Exile, to name a few]. It’s a rare occasion that Orange County gets that raw talent in the county, especially in hiphop [since is 90% conservative lol], but when people do come out to perform, like-minded heads come out and show support! For quite some time, I havent heard or seen a flyer from their crew in almost two years [hiatus-status? who knows]. Then Candice shot over a flyer [via facebook] from them that was going down in our hood, and she’s celebrating her bday there! Guest selecta of the night? Your favorite Junkie, Rhettmatic!

When I first got there, the party was slightly getting started. Later on, the crowd joined in on the groove! Rhettmatic was working his magic [as usual], knowing how to get the crowd anticipating on what he’s going to be playing next! I just started taking pictures and meeting Candice’s friends that came through to celebrate her bday with her! A couple of drinks in, and I was ready to roll! Later in the evening after Rhettmatic’s session was over, a band got on and performed [forgot the name]. The keyboard guy was on some Zapp & Roger shit with the talk box [<—-check the history]. Junebugg and Abby came through and hung out for a bit. Earlier, they were over at the Rhythm Lounge serving up their favorite dishes while June was twittering about people diggin’ it! In fact, the food that they had left over was also being served at the end of the night out of June’s car LOL. This girl is ALWAYS on her hustle! She gets stripes for that!

Candice, on the other hand, gets stripes for her contributions in her work, especially when it comes to social relations of any kind. She is continuously at work; about 95% of the time I see her- she’s always on her phone talking business. But besides the fact that I’ve met her at a coffee shop that we’ve continually supported for a couple of years before it closed down, I’ve come to known that she’s always been a very loyal person among those who she surrounds herself with, a down-to-earth woman with a big heart, and she pretty much know damn near everyone I know and surround myself with [thanks to twitter lol]. For this, Candice, I say thank you!! Your friends are dope!

If you want to talk business, contact her. Otherwise, check out her website.

Here are the pics:

Opportunities are a motha____! Just know that. After the party ended, June brought her A-game and got people to buy her goodies from the trunk of her car! Tanya got in and explained to the customers what the items on the menu consists of. I mean, DAMN.. you dont want anyone to be driving home drunk without any food in your system! I’m telling you guys now, dont sleep on her cooking!


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