Just Blaze’s “Exhibits”..

Okay, so I decided to put this post together because of the many times other emcees ripped Jay Elec’sExhibit C” instrumental to pieces! Props to him & Just Blaze for starting this blaze across the nets!  I tried to find every version of the track [instrumental, final, unmastered, etc] and put it together for all of you to check out! Jay Electronica is a beast to ever ripped a mic in a long time, so I can see why other emcees jumped on the bandwagon and did their versions.

01 Exhibit A [Transformations] (Final)
02 Exhibit A [Transformations] (Instrumental)
03 Exhibit A [Transformations] (Unmastered)
04 Exhibit B [feat. Mos Def] (snippet from Shade 45 [10/27/09])
05 Exhibit C 
06 Exhibit C [freestyle] – Joell Ortiz
07 Exhibit C [Instrumental]
08 Exhibit F – Nickelus F
09 Exhibit Me – PreZZure
10 Exhibit S – Sha Stimuli
11 Exhbits G, F, and P – Just Blaze

Download it here.


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