Plug Research 2010 Party [Hosted By “Simon”]…

This event has been posted on blogs, tweeted, in news articles, and in magazines [shoutout to VibeMagazine & NuSoul Magazine]. The family over at Plug Research, along with the Mochilla crew and ArtDontSleep went in hard to make each and every one of you [especially those who came through] came out. They even gave out free tickets on some blogs by answering some of the most simplest questions [the thing about that is that you had to be the first person to respond to it, correctly].  

Anyways, last night’s event was hosted by Mr. Don “Pharaohe” Cornelius. This was what he said before the show..

“my motivation for hosting tonight will be don cornelius— i will hold the mic with only three fingers” 11:04 AM Dec 22nd from TweetDeck

Emcee Legend Pharoahe Monch was one of the major talks among the pool of people, especially with his shit-talking, getting everyone hyped and laughing, especially with his Don Cornelius’ “Love, Peace, & Soooouuullll…” impersonations. He was tipsy, yes.. but he kept everyone on their toes anticipating for every act to come out! 

I arrived with Kris to the Echoplex b/t 10 & 1030pm, assuming that since this was going to be a big event, we wanted to avoid the long line. From what I’ve heard, people were already there since 7pm. I was also waiting for my best friend to arrive [whats good Becky!], since she just got back in from DC for the holidays! I ran into Porschia over at the booth and said hello and got one of her excruciating bear hugs [LOL just kidding].

The first act that I saw [since my arrival] was Milosh. Unfortunately, I was too caught up with greeting people, so that was my bad on not getting any flicks of his performance. Om’Mas Keith [of Sa-Ra] was the next person up to perform. He has a dope band to back him up [not only his dancers lol]. He had the stage set on fire with his presence, and the audience was in awe with his entire solo act! If you werent here to witness this, then I dont know what to tell you. Its been one hell of an act to see. Now, if I can actually see the whole Sa-Ra trio perform together [which I have yet to see]. Hopefully that will be the case for next year, so we will see…

Next up on stage: Daedelus! The genius behind MF Doom’s “Accordion” track [Madvillain album] comes on with a live party set! Now here is a guy who can rock a crowd on his own with his Monome machine! People was looking at him like, “WTF was he rockin’ with?” [as if they’ve never seen anyone use that type of technology before], but that all ceased once he got the crowd going, as all the music programmed the onlookers to bob their head and/or dance! You cant say shit about what he does, because once he got you trapped… its done [listens to the PacMan dies sound]. You have no choice but to dance… Shoutout to GFK for making a quick cameo appearance on stage lol.

The following act that was coming up was one of the person who everyone in the audience was anticipating to see: Mr. “En A-Free’Ka” himself, Shafiq Hussayn. Everyone in the crowd squeezed very close to the stage once he stepped on. I couldnt even get as close as I wanted to [<—hence the distance in the pic] while the homie Coleman was videotaping it lol. It’s all good, though. That’s what I get for leaving for a second. Anyways, Shafiq had 3 female & 3 male backup singers right along with his band while he had the audience doing soul claps. For a quick moment, Om’Mas Keith came back on stage and joined Shafiq for a couple of songs. For the first time in a long while, I felt bad because out of all the songs that were performed during his performance, each and every single one of them we sick- and I should’ve grabbed his album when I had the opportunity! DAMN!

The next act had the crowd on their toes with their MPC performance: Exile & DJ Day [look forward for Exile’s Radio Remix album slated for next year’s release, but in the meantime, go cop the Radio album now!] And if youre not in the know, go check out his first release “Dirty Science“. If you were here, then you’ve heard how they slaughtered the legendary video game Pac-Man sound! OMG!

Exile distorted his voice and did tributes to Michael Jackson, and brought out Blu to do a few tracks off their Below The Heavens album. It was crazy how he started off his performance with an ODB tribute [“Brooklyn Zoo”] and half of the people in the audience were sleepwalking [wtf?]. He slipped by accident by making a reference to a track by MC Lyte, when it was a Queen Latifah joint [if you were there then you know what I’m talking about]. It’s all good though, because once Blu got going on his songs the audience was right there with him. Dont slip on Blu. Women in the audience love him! Even my best friend.. LOL.

So who was the first guest that was here? New up and coming emcee from the North, Fashawn! If you havent copped that Boy Meets World album, go support that now! It’s a dope listen! When he got on stage the audience was somewhat familiar with him, but once he got off people were made believers in his music. He has this humbleness about himself as an emcee that’s a rarity in this day and age. If anything, he’s one of the dudes you should follow in his footsteps on [musically]. He puts out very good quality music, and he’s very honest in it. He did a couple of songs this night and then bounced off.

Next guest emcee that Pharoahe introduced to the stage after he freestyle was the Carson emcee, Ras Kass. Before I continue any further, go download his “Quarterly” mixtape! If any of you guys who never was familiar with this dude, or barely just heard of him, you should do your research, and download that mixtape immediately. Ras had to take Pharoahe’s place on the mic temporarily, and respectfully, just to get the audience to wake up and acknowledge what’s going with what Pharoahe was saying. When Ras starts spittin’, you better listen! He’s the type of dude when he spits you gotta check for the double meanings in his rhymes [which catches everyone off guards at times]. For those who caught on this night in particular, madd props! He’s one of the reasons why LA never sleeps, especially when he’s one of our most respected emcees in California. Salute!

The man of the hour took center stage as Pharaohe introduced him on, and got the women screaming for his presence! All the photographers were standing in attention as soul artist Bilal started crooning the crowd, capturing the essence of his emotions all on camera. His soulful sounds even had the women next to me all fallin’ out of control [sorry, had to put you on blast lol]. This man is a solid entertainer; dont be fooled by his size, because before the night ended, there were talks among other people that this dude was on fire [sings Joe Simon – Before The Night Is Over]!

To sum it all up, this event has been one of my best ones yet so far! I give it up to Plug Research for selecting an amazing cast, especially having Pharaohe Monch hosting this event was one of the highlights of the night! There were plenty of others, but I wont spoil you on that, especially if you weren’t here.. it was a solid night! Shoutout to all the people who were involved with putting this event together, and to all of you who were in attendance! What a way to end 2010 on a dope note!


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