March 4th: Defend Public Education & Union Rights!

March 4th was the day that union workers, teachers, students [K-12, college, and beyond] have taken the battle to defend public education to the streets (all across the country). Teachers and students walked off campuses, parents meeting up with their young ones at Pershing Square (here in LA), students setting up shop to make banners and signs, and ‘big brother’ is watching us under a microscope. This demonstration was definitely needed because there’s too many programs that are being cut from the schools, as teachers are continuously being served pink slips, while on the outside of these school, union workers are being laid off. Here’s what we’re out here fighting for.

It was a great turnout, although I got there around a little after 2pm and people didnt start showing up until after 230pm, and what I was greeted with was this extremely obscene poster of Obama (what a way to spread a message, huh?). A lot of the middle school kids were the first group that showed up, then it was the K-12 [along with their teachers], CSULA heads came through; some people that were at the Long Beach State rally showed up also. There’s so many things that are at stake right now. I’m just bothered by the fact that I had to leave my previous school to go to LACC because of these stupid budget cuts. I’m surprised that people didnt go beserk [unlike law enforcement did over at Davis].

I know that there’s more that needs to be done, and a lot of students, teachers, and the like acknowledges that. We need to stand tall, and keep fighting the fight. If we dont continue to fight, no one will [for us]. I encourage all union workers to do the same as well. We cant afford to back down, especially since we’ve raised a lot of noise.

For those of you that did come out, or donated for the cause [anywhere], thank you! Check out the pics, and shoutouts to all the states that got involved in our movement!

Honorable Mentions:

  • New York – City University of New York [CUNY]
  • Florida – University of Central Florida [UCF] [KnightNewspaper]
  • Arizona – Arizona State University [ASU] ASU Resist!
  • Colorado – University Of Colorado Denver [UCD]
  • Connecticut – University of Connecticut [UCONN] [news]
  • Illinois – University of Illinois [UI] []
  • Iowa – Cedar Rapids Socialist Iowa [blog]
  • Massachussetts – University of Mass [UMASS] [blog][Equality Quality Coalition]
  • Maryland – University of Maryland [UMD] [blog]
  • Michigan – By Any Means Necessary Coalition [BAMN] [blog]; Michigan State University [MSU] [blog]
  • Minnesota – University of Minnesota [UMN] (facebook); Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) [blog] 
  • New Jersey – New Jersey City University [NJCU] (facebook)
  • Texas – University of Texas [UT]  
  • Washington – University of Washington [UV] [blog]

more videos from CA: CSUN | UCLA | [LBC] Wilson H.S. | UCSCCSUMB | SFSU | UC Davis | SDSU | UCSD | UCI | CSUF[resno] | CSUF[ullerton] | CSUSB | UCR


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