Little Brother – Star [itunes bonus]

Things have became chaotic on twitter today as Phonte released this track late last night. The track was made after The Minstrel Show sessions. According to him, the track was supposed to be an itunes bonus cut for LeftBack (originally it was supposed to be on 9th‘s “Wonder Years” joint [back in ’05-06]), but 9th stopped the process from happening. So, he released it on twitter. Then, the exchange of words between them two came in….

Because of all the animosity that has fueled twitter came in, Phonte felt the need to speak out about it, and to go back and finally tell [his side] about how Little Brother parted ways from 9th. And to also promote Erykah Badu’s ass.

[Special Comment]:In all honesty, I wish that it didnt come to blows like this, because in hiphop you dont see people sticking around in groups anymore, especially dope ones like these. There’s been a slew of great amazing duos that start of well in the beginning and then down the road people want to go separate ways. That’s totally UNDERSTANDABLE if the interests eventually differs, but if it becomes a rift because of some personal shit, that blows. Then you have a whole following of people who wishes them (artists involved) to get back together and do something “one last time”, or do it ” for old time’s sake” yadda yadda.. We’ve been through this many times [didnt any one learn from the previous groups before them?]! Here are a few to name just to explain my point.

  • Pete Rock & CL Smooth
  • Gangstarr
  • NWA
  • Jay-Z/Dame Dash [Roc-A-Fella]
  • Geto Boys
  • The Fugees
  • ATCQ

I swear I’m not trying to compare, but why can’t people learn from groups like the Duckdown family, or from the legends, De La Soul? I’m pretty sure that they’ve been through their own share of dirt, but they’ve been around MUCH longer than these groups, and yet managed to stay together up to this day, and still do shows. I’m just sayin…

but anyways, go ahead and do what you’re here to do: download “Star“.


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