Nas/Damian Marley ‘Distant Relatives’ “Pre-Release?” Party @ Kress [Hollywood]!

If you have taken notice, you’d see I put a “?” next to ‘Pre-Release’ in the headline. There’s absolutely no need to think hard on that one.

Okay, so I was kinda worried about not being able to bring my camera in since I didnt buy a media pass. Damn, it was a good thing that I didnt, which I’ll explain a lil later. Kress  is known for their ‘celebrity-pull’; they got celebrities going in and out of that place all the time during the weekends. They even have someone at the door determining your fate upon entering the venue based on what you wear [that’s pretty typical of Hollywood].

Anyhow enough about that. Upon entering the establishment, in all honesty I found myself pretty much judging alot of the heads that made it out [and obviously that was wrong of me] because I was wondering who was actually there to see Nas & Damian Marley versus being there just to party. I have to admit, there were a lot of hot females that were there, which always makes for great eye candy! 

Now, from what I was told, the dynamic duo was supposed to be performing on this “stage” where the go-go dancers were dancing on [and I stress the word ‘stage’ because for it being a Hollywood club, the ‘stage’ was the size of a coffin]. So in the meantime everyone partied their asses off like they’re supposed to and waited (the DJ was playing good joints, but it was his choice of when to put them on that was off). Then there was two dudes that jumped on the coffin that started performing [I think they were from the south w/their accents]. That was over QUICK! Eventually what was supposed to be the stage [coffin] Nas & Damian were supposed to perform on ended up changing location with Damian finally coming out behind the DJ booth [falls dead]. They showcased i think 3 tracks from the album, his classic cuts.. and then Nas come out from the VIP section behind the booth and jumps in when they put on “Made You Look“, getting the crowd hyped! One of the DJs decides to put on “One Mic” and Nas looked at dude like “He’s trying to go back to the old school with that shit.” LOL. The DJ then decides to put on “If I Ruled the World” and Nas looked at dude like WTF? LOL. Classic..

Sorry for the long post, but there here are the pros & cons of the evening:


  • $14/drinks
  • Nas/Damian Marley performing behind the booth (they only sampled two or three tracks from the album, and went into their classic joints). Oh, and did I mention that they got on sometime after 130am?
  • Waaaay too crowded with soo many people pushing and wavering back and forth trying to take pics
  • Too many hipsters with shades on inside the club [one dude I talked to was wearing prescription shades because he broke his glasses]
  • the double standard on the dress code (dressing “trendy/sexy”? Dudes got in with caps and t-shirts!
  • [some of you may agree] paying $60 for a media pass to NOT get pics of Nas/Damian Marley; VIP section was wack as fuck. No one was in the area.
  • The DJ sucked.. baaaaaaaaaad [im talking about the one who was playing around 1030/1130pm]. Selections were off like a motha..


  • The ‘Distant Relatives’ did show up.
  • HOT FEMALES [like the two up above] LOL.
  • Oh, and a big shoutout to Christine for her grind.. even in the middle of a bourgeoisie (or in the hood “boo-shie”) ass club, she still promoting that BeatSwapMeet shit and was b-girl’in it LOL. That was hilarious to see…

An added bonus: If you only paid $10 for this event, Ill ^5 you. You pretty much got your money’s worth, and then some. $20? You broke even [considering the admission price of the club is usually more], and you got to see Nas & Damian (well, that’s only if you were close or near the booth). $40-60? You got fucked, homie.


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