Beat Swap Meet’s 2 Year Anniversary in Chinatown [4/11]

It was a gloomy day for the most part in Los Angeles, but that didnt stop the BeatSwapMeet family from celebrating their 2 Year Anniversary from happening, with so many vendors coming out to participate in the celebration! If you can see [on the pic] where the arrow is pointing at (the tents), that was the location of where the event was being held: at the Grand Star Jazz Club, home of The FlyBall (which is this saturday), Soul Sessions (every 2nd & 4th friday), Firecracker, and the monthly Boombox (every 1st Saturday).

I left a lil late from the crib only took me a lil over an hour to get here from the train (around 130pm). I didnt realize it was that close! So upon walking over, I saw plenty of other photographers walking up Broadway, making their way to the venue. The place was literally jam-packed with sooo many people trying to squeeze by one another to check out what vendors had to sell. Inside the club, there were plenty of record vendors that were selling their stuff, from the former Stacks family to the independent heads, along with other DJs [shoutout to Endo]. I ran into Oddsequence and he was telling me that the DJ battle was taking place upstairs; so basically… I made it just in time for the competition.

The DJ battle was hosted by L.Scatterbrain & DJ Jawa. The prize money was for $200; since everyone is broke nowadays that money is golden lol. I think there were about 8 heads who competed (correct me if im wrong), and were judged by Mr. Choc, Pryvet Peepsho, and P-Trix. At the end of the first half, Scatterbrain entertained the crowd with his freestyles while out of nowhere there was this young 3 year old who started bboying in the middle of the floor (which was dope to see). Kids love hiphop, especially if you keep them in the right direction! There were plenty of talent everywhere in the room; people practicing on the side before heading up to the stage to showcase their skills on the tables, but as you may know, some outshined others in certain areas, so the winner ended up being DJ E-Tronic!

Going back downstairs and outside, and make two ‘lefts’ you have Husky Radio, having a female graff writer doing some ink art on a girl, while presenting a cypher among other cats that go in on the blowhorn lol. During that cypher, there was an old school bboy brotha from Zulu Nation reppin’ it with his fluid break skills, and a fresh collabo with the 3-year-old again.. CLEEEEEEAN! Trust me, you’ll see the pics. I was just in awe of the whole entire thing!

I can only say this: If you guys weren’t here yesterday, then I’m sorry you guys missed out! LOL. Well, there’s always July. But anyways, dont let me keep talking.. the pics are proof themselves!

Oh and in all seriousness, you gotta give it up for the female diggers too, they were reppin hard yesterday! Especially the daughter of the legendary David T. Walker, who was in the house digging for her father’s music!! That’s fresh!


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