My trip to Washington, DC.

Ahhh.. if there’s one word that I can use to describe this trip, it would be amazing. The historical monuments, the museums, the eateries, the hangout spots… all of that: fresh! I mean, despite the fact that this was a very short trip, I definitely got my $400-something dollars worth for my trip [even though I should’ve caught onto the special that my friends took advantage of early on]. Damn, me.


Okay, so my friends and I arrived in DC 30 minutes earlier than the supposed time [6:15am]. We took this shuttle bus that took about 45 min to get to our main line [L’efant Station], and along the way we got to see Georgetown University and the Pentagon [from the freeway]. Once we got to L’efant Station, I think we waited about another 20 minutes for our bus to arrive.

Now, the trip from Le’fant to our final destination was a straight shot [about a half hour ride]. It took us from the Mall, drove through DTDC, via Howard University, and our stop ended at Kennedy. Supposedly, it was the hood from where we were at. I shouldnt compare, but seeing things from an LA standpoint (outside looking in [c/o Kev Brown], it looks like an average neighborhood that you may find in Mid-City [but I’m definitely not naive].  When we arrived at our friend Becky’s house, she was in the process of getting ready for work. So when she left, we slept.

 I dont want to make this into a diary, so ill just keep it brief on what we did when she got back and left again [run errands]..

  • Went to Lima Lounge to meet up with our friend and some other folks, and shot out to a small restaurant nearby.
  • Went to a kickback on the roof of a high rise off of U Street.
  • Went to a bar that was nearby Dupont Circle.
  • Some of our friends left, so we went to a couple of clubs in the area. I ventured out for a bit and checked out some of the other spots that was going on down the street. Crazy ass folks on the street. Met back up with my group and called it a night a lil after 3am.


Saturday was going to be one hell of a day for us. Before last night ended, we planned on getting out the house around 10am (saturday), but instead we were out around 1130am. There was a lot of things that was going on that we all wanted to see and be a part of. There was the Immigration March that took place in front of the White House; we also wanted to go check out some of the museums and libraries at the Mall. And after all of that, to top it all off, there was going to be a party at the crib when we got back, yet we were deciding on going to Adams Morgans [to check out the bar scene]. I think this day was when we all realized that this was Becky’s first time visiting all the spots we checked out in the 95% out of [what would soon to be] ten months that she’s been living in DC.


Sunday morning became unpredictable. Although we had a few more spots to cover before we left D.C., our touring became extremely short [tell you why later]. We decided to go over to one of DC’s staple landmarks, The Busboys & Poets’ Cafe. The name refers to the legendary poet, Langston Hughes, who worked as a ‘busboy’ at a hotel in the ’30s before he gained recognition as a ‘poet’. In the menu, there were plenty of short quotes and poems decorated all over for you to read. Some people even wrote on the walls for inspiration! We were there for a lil over an hour, and then decided to head to the Eastern Market.

Once we got there, the weather got humid very quick, and it didnt stay that way for long [it was drizzling before that]. All of us went to browse around and see what was available to buy. The spot was waaaay to huge to cover in 15 min, so I decided to shoot to the other end of the road and saw a blues band performing in front of a coffee shop.

And then it got REALLY, REALLY HOT.

We were at the market for at least an hour before we decided to head back home, cancelling out on the tour to Georgetown and a couple of other spots. We were too tired from the day before, and all we wanted to do was sleep before we caught the bus back to the airport. On our way back, it started to drizzle again for a bit, and then it just stayed cloudy. So we took a nap til it was time to go, and we shot out. Unfortunately, due to the bus driver taking too long to get to the airport, we missed our flight. So we stayed the night at the airport, caught the first flight out, and got home a lil after 10am.

a few more clips from my gallery, thanks to my friends for some of the great shots:


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