California Soul 2010 in Chinatown…

If you weren’t here, or at Soul Slam [in Echo Park] on friday night, then you missed out on the two biggest parties thrown in LA. Since I’ve been to Soul Slam over the past 4 years, I thought it was time to change it up. I mean, I couldnt miss seeing Kool Herc & Mix Master Mike do their thing on the turntables.

When I first saw the flyer for this party, my first initial reaction was to make it to BOTH parties, since I was already planning on going to Soul Slam, but this past friday was an either/or decision. So my homie and I rolled out a lil after 845pm just in case there was a long like to get there. There wasnt that many people in the area upon arrival, but that changed soon enough. The crazy thing about it was the parking attendants in the area were offering $10 for space, which normally would be $3-5. Luckily he found parking a few feet away from Grand Star on the street.

We scoped out the place for a bit and saw some artists do their thing on the canvases, projectors flashing “Soul Sessions” all over the walls, along with other pictures. I bought myself something to eat off the food truck, and just kicked it until more and more people started showing up. It became a packed house a lil after 1130. Once everyone got word on where the main stage was going to be, everyone headed over there.

There were a few djs that were providing the soundscapes to flow right before Kool Herc got on. Once Kool Herc stepped to the tables, all the photographers were flashing away, while the bboys/girls were prepping to get down! Kool Herc gave his speech, and it was a go! The first 10-15 min of his set was dedicated to the breakers. The rest of his set was just a full-on party joint, playing samples and sampled joints! During his set, he was dancing behind tables, which means that you can tell he was having a great time!

The next person that was set to rock the stage was Beastie Boys’ DJ Mix Master Mike. Damn he was cuttin’ it up like no other. I have to admit one thing.. I knew some things about him… the rest of it was “heard” about from other people. But there was one thing for sure that was made known to me.. the reason why he carried that name. His set was pure potent evidence in that, and for those that were in attendance can vouch for me on that note! Each and every minute of his set kept elevating the masses, and the more it did.. I couldnt take it. It was THAT overwhelming! His set really fucked my head up! Even Kool Herc got up and walked to the booth to see what he was doing… now if you moved him, you officially moved hiphop, PERIOD.

Shoutout to all of those I’ve met here at the spot, especially Maricel, the new girl who’s getting into blogging. Keep up the good work. This was a dope night to remember. It’s going down for the books.


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