Beat Swap Meet #10: An Empire in the Making!

If you werent here on Sunday, July 11th, in the vicinity of 943 N. Broadway [Chinatown], then for those of you who didnt make it suuuuuurely did miss out on just about everything that went down! Here are a few notable things that went down while some of you weren’t able to make it out:

  • A HUGE bboy battle
  • Home cooked ‘Hiphop’ inspired meals [c/o JuneBugg]
  • Adrian Younge & The Black Dynamite Sound Orchestra [buy the soundtrack!]
  • Producers’ Showcase [beat making skills]
  • Team DJ Hideo & their tribute booth

Starting in Los Angeles [at The Echoplex, then transferring over to the Grand Star Jazz Club], the Beat Swap Meet has been in existence for over two years, being one of the most recommended places to go to on a weekend. What makes this event more special is that its an event that happens quarterly throughout the year on a sunday. Regular attendees and vendors can’t deny that they’ve witnessed the growth that the BSM has achieved. After a few events that they’ve thrown, the BSM family have been asked by many of LA’s popular independent scene continuously if they can set up shop over at one of their events. You even have popular respected artists and producers buying a few things over a course of time there, co-signing with this development! As they continued to grow, they have became more diversed, trying to get the formula they’ve been working with since day one to make a perfect mold. You can say that with the hard work that they’ve put in, this is the result of their fruition.

This past sunday was different: The entire plaza that Grand Star was residing in was focused on the BSM, being the biggest it has ever been! Congratulations, you are on your way to becoming an Los Angeles trademark event to go to! A special congratulations goes to all the vendors that became a part of the BSM empire!


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