Meet Phil Ade…

So, earlier today I was branching out on the net looking for some new music to check out. At first, I was already looking at The Roots’ Dear God 2.0 video , and then decided to check out the other channels that were on the side, and I saw some video about Chasing The Letter. It was an interview that OKP was doing with this cat named Phil Ade [pic above]. There was a track that was played in the background of the second part of  Chasing The Letter, which was called ‘Hollywood’. So I went digging for his music and found it, and damn… it was fresh! Here’s a portion of his bio…

Born Philip Adetumbi, Phil Ade’ comes from an interesting mix of wordly culture. His Grenadian mother and Nigerian father made sure to keep him close to his strong family heritage. Before settling in the DC metro area, Phil Ade’ lived in California, Alabama and Florida while his father took various positions in different cities. These experiences, matched with the cultural influences that his parents made sure to incorporate in his life, gave Phil Ade’ a valuable and international outlook on the world around him.

Phil has earned the distinction of being the first artist signed to [Raheem] DeVaughn’s DC-based independent label, 368 Music Group, which he co-founded with DC talent manager/A&R Andre “Dre The Mayor” Hopson. Phil Ade’s grand introduction to the music industry couldn’t have come at a better time. His first major showcase was opening for Interscope recording artist and fellow DC rapper, Wale, a worthy accomplishment. Phil Ade’ recently finished his debut mixtape project entitled, Starting on JV, which dropped July 10 and features guest appearances from DeVaughn with production by Mark Henry and Dope Sunny. His lyrics have been praised for not being common clichés that we always hear on the radio. [full bio here]

Check out more about him below.

Here are a couple of links to his bandcamp page. You can stream his music there, and/or download his mixtape or single tracks.

  • Phil Ade – Starting On JV [07/01/2009] [download]
  • Phil Ade – The Letterman [o6/22/2010] [download]

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