Commoners & Kings – Until Tomorrow [album]

I fucks with Commoners & Kings [s/o to Jragonfly]

Just so you know [if you havent noticed already], Spoken Word is officially a lost art in the world of today’s hiphop. As far as I know, the only folks that are still keeping it alive in music are Mystic, Amanda Diva, AlBe Black, and a few others [IMO]. But, seeing this trio many years ago back in my Blue Nile days [mind wandering], I was convinced that they have something special in the works. They’re here to prove that poetry and good quality hiphop is still here- alive and well. I think I still have pictures of Jragonfly performing at our neighborhood coffeeshop. SICK! But I dont want to get into all that. I just want to put this out there because I want you to support some good ass hiphop and poetry!

Their album came out today, so go ahead and check it out through their bandcamp page, and if you like it, cop it! Support your local poetry spots in your area! Need to keep the scene alive and pure!

Poetry Is Love, and life… is just too damn intense – Aqiyl


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