“Shift” w/ DJ HouseShoes [DTSA] [09/02]…

Ahhh.. Downtown Santa Ana, on a thursday evening. What’s funny is that I’ve never been in the city of Santa Ana (in my LIFE), yet I travelled past it PLENTY of times. I missed last month’s gig with the homie Jedi, so last night was a major deal for me to check out this spot and see what the hype is all about [peace to Natalie & Lon].

If you were here at this spot last night [or have ever been here before], the first thing you notice (from the outside) is that this place is SMALL [spacious, yet SMALL]. My friend and I got there a little close to 1130, and there was line [Do-Over reminder lol]. Although there was like 8 or 9 people before us, we were outside for 40 min. Can’t blame the guy who was working the door, though; there were TOO many people inside hovering around the booth HouseShoes was spinning in!  Good lord, let that brotha BREATHE!

When we finally got inside, one thing I noticed right away: it felt like a 21 and under crowd. I know that wasnt the case, but for some reason I felt like I was a chaperone over there lol. Ran into a few folks that I knew there (whats good Maricel & Lon), and made some new ones as well! I ‘loaned’ my camera out for a couple of min lol [which turned out to not be a bad idea]. At the end of the night, HouseShoes played songs that were from our favorite 80s & 90s sitcoms! What was more classic was that 20% of the people knew the song, and the other 80 he gave a thumbs down to, and started talking shit lol.

Here’s the pictures from last night. Courtesy of me, and umm.. one of the promoters? I thought there were plenty of pictures, but apparently it came out to 30. I’m just going to post a few. Come out to Radio Bemba where the Listen Recovery Crew & the Beat Swap Meet homies come out and give you the dope worldly rhythms [09/16], at this same location!


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