Jay Electronica x Foci x DJ Gemini x Versis x Seven Day [The Key Club 09/09/10]

[a word from my own sponsor]

It’s moments like these where I feel privileged im in the place of greatness, when it comes to those making fresh music from the soul. It’s also moments like these where I’m also very thankful that I have awesome friends that can help me make things happen for me, where we all benefit from the roundtable, and with that being said, I’d like to say thank you. If it wasnt for you [you guys know who you are], I wouldnt be able to make it to these events that I’m always flashing away with the camera.

First and foremost, I’d like to give a huge thank you to the homie Mesh for hooking it up with the ride TO the Key Club. Second, I’d like to thank Foci [one of the performers] that reached out to me on twitter and hooking it up with the tickets!

Anyways, upon entering the Key Club, it was already a PACKED house! Everyone that was in attendance wasnt trying to move from their spot, but for me… that was NOT an option. I made my way to the front of the stage and found a pocket to stand in. Seven Day, Foci, Versis, and DJ Gemini had respectable sets that people were vibing to. But when Canibus came out of nowhere, everyone was speechless.. and hyped at the same time!

And then the room got dark…

Jay Electronica came out getting the crowd all riled up for his performances, spitting gems like no other. Then he performed “Google Eyes”, a song my friend thinks is dedicated to her lol jk. He performed “Dear Moleskine”, did tributes to J Dilla, Guru, ‘Pac, and Biggie [“The Ghost of Christopher Wallace”], and paid homage to Nas. He also performed a few songs from Act II [his most anticipated album yet]. Everyone went nuts when he performed Exhibit A & C, with him jumping in the crowd and vibing off of everyone’s energy! It was a moment to remember, and night that made everyone believers on why Diddy, Nas, and everyone co-sign this dude to be the future of hiphop music. Hands down.


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