They Reminisce Over You – America [9 Years Later]

I may get questioned about why did I post this particular picture, but fuck it. My reasoning is simply because pre-9/11, all of America was sleeping, including this lady. Everything was going quite fine, although we were engaging in warfare in other parts of the world. BUT, we as Americans, we ignored the potential threat was coming MONTHS & WEEKS before the horrific accident. 2996 people died, including the 19 hijackers [well, that’s pretty debatable about the hijackers; some believe that they are still alive]. Ever since then, America has been on neighborhood watch.

It’s now September 11th. A sad day. But a day to reflect on the historical role of the US around the world and the lost lives everywhere. RIP to the innocent people who lost their lives, here in NYC. And those who died as a result of the ensuing wars in Afghanistan & Iraq.

I wonder how 9/11 will be remembered in future generations, as a Pearl Harbor or as the sinking of the USS Maine. Both were large scale conflicts in which we gained huge amounts of territory and influence around the world as a result of being attacked. But the personal loss of the people & causes for these events were lost and or specifically ignored, and that’s the saddest part of it all.

Immortal Technique



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