Good Foot’s 12 Year Anniversary [09/10]…

You have 12 more of these left, so be prepared to say goodbye..

The Good Foot has been one of Long Beach’s rarest gems to ever hit the city, put together by Dennis Owens & Scott Weaver. According to Dennis, “the Good Foot happened on accident.” Laying low at Que Sera, this is one of those alternatives people look for just in case you dont feel like going clubbing or whatever. If you feel like being around good people with awesome vibes, and just trying to keep it low key for the evening, this is one of the freshest spots to be at. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. At the end of the night when Dennis broke the news to everyone, the crowd was heartbroken; it was like a stab in the heart for most.

Thank you, Dennis & Scott for giving Long Beach 12 years of your time to make this party one of the best parties to ever hit our city. We will continue to support you in your future endeavors, and may the last 12 be the most successful ones thrown! 

CORRECTION: The Good Foot was started by Dennis Owens & Rodi Delgadillo.



2 thoughts on “Good Foot’s 12 Year Anniversary [09/10]…

  1. Just making a correction, I(Rodi) started the Goodfoot with Dennis 12 years ago and now I live in Japan. It will be just Dennis and I spinning the last 13 year anniversary. See everyone next year!

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