Les Nubians x The Conga Room [09/16]

Thursday night: PRICELESS.

I cant even begin to explain all the things that happened here. To be truthful, if it wasnt for Jragonfly & Sasha, none of what I did wouldve happened. Im happy to give credit to where it’s due.

The night in DTLA has been foggy outside LA Live, but it was a steamy night when Les Nubians got on and rocked it in front of a grown & sexy crowd! There were people who attended for many reasons [the common ones were ‘birthday celebrations’ and ‘I havent heard anything new from them in a long time’]. Although it’s been 7 years since they’ve released a full length album, the proof that it was a packed house proved that the fans haven’t gone anywhere. From their perception, the dynamic duo was very appreciative of that.

The evening opened up with Pauline Drossart and her band. Unfortunately I got there during half of their set, and from what I remembered, they were awesome! The crowed was so in tuned with the vocals from Pauline and her backup singer! I should’ve hit them up and asked them about their music and to see where I can get it from. =X

In between sets, DJ KnyfePrty kept up the crowd with the 90s classics. You can literally hear people saying, “That’s my jam!” or… “Damn, I remember this…”. He knew how to set the tone for the evening by keeping people on the floor. At one point, there was a group of people in a booth that were reciting words to “Bonita Applebum“. Before Les Nubians came on stage, one of their back up singers spoke to the crowd and used the blow horn to sound the alarm to those who were ‘sleeping’.

Then.. they came out. At this point in time, the group made it an international takeover! There were a lot of folks in the crowd that spoke french, singing to the words of the performed songs! As they got into the classics, people were blown over, reciting their favorite lines and what not. It was an awesome night at the Conga Room, especially for my first time being there.


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