Nas [2000] x Kanye West [2010] = Brian Bennett [1978]!

Brian Bennett’s Voyage (A Journey into Discoid Funk) album [1978] takes you on a ride into outer space, creating a pure cosmic soundscape throughout the entire record! Spacey synths, with some groovy basslines, this should hold you over for a cool minute. In fact, give it a couple of listens [from beginning to end], and see if im wrong! To me, being musically educated is more important than just knowing ‘who used what for what’. Explore.

After a lil research online, I found out that Nas ‘used this joint‘ for the album QB’s Finest. The same sample was also used for Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Friday‘s latest release!

Brian Bennett – Voyage [1978] (download)


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