Boycott AZ Diamondbacks [10/03/10]!

In support of the fight against SB1070, the Boycott AZ – Los Angeles Committee has taken the fight to Dodgers Stadium. They have been at every Dodgers/Diamondbacks game religiously spreading the message of how to fight this brutal law that has taken effect since late July. The fight has sparked many states to join in all across the country to condemn this law.

The last game of the season is this sunday, but the Diamondbacks are in town tonight. If you want to be a part of ‘welcoming’ them here to Los Angeles tonight, then hit up the page (above; yellow link), or hit up the homie John Morales for more info.



3 thoughts on “Boycott AZ Diamondbacks [10/03/10]!

  1. This “brutal” law, as you put it, only reinforces the federal law already on the books. Your boycott will only backfire on you and be ineffective at best. And, by the way, your last three-word declaration is physically impossible and deserves an “NC” rating.

    1. well speak on what you will. I still think of it as a racist one, as well as one made up by ‘miss brujaja’. If you think it’s going to backfire, then let that be. but if it doesnt, I know I’m going to be one of those ‘pointing my finger’ [as some may say]. I believe that there should be some sort of immigration reform so that it would appeal to those on both sides of the line, but if you got so many folks out there who’s aiming this law at those who “look” like an “illegal”, then I will STILL stand by my words. From what I understand, we are ALL illegal to begin with. The “legals” were the Native Americans.

      Besides, I dont give two shits about an “NC” rating lol. Fuck a rating, if you ask me. I still say “Fuck The Law”.

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