Skillz – Infamous Quotes [mixtape]

[from the site]

Acclaimed lyricist and hip hop veteran Skillz joins forces with two of the world’s premiere DJs, Jazzy Jeff & J.Period, to present “Infamous Quotes” — an exclusive new mixtape celebrating the release of Skillz’ upcoming album, The World Needs More Skillz (Oct 25). With an infamous history of ghostwriting credits for many of hip hop’s most famous MCs, lyrical legend Skillz is back to demonstrate the lost art of writing on the conceptual “Infamous Quotes.” With assistance from pop-culture icons like Will Ferrell, Katt Williams, Allen Iverson and Liam Neeson, and original production by Alchemist, Nottz, Jazzy Jeff & Don Cannon, “Infamous Quotes” provides the perfect forum for Skillz to illustrate what the world needs more of…

See more below.

[Side Note]: Just in case I have to remind you, I personally think hiphop sucks right now [yes, ill stick to the shit I have on the lap]. It’s NOT dead, but the 98.9% of the shit they play on the radio is straight up doo-doo. There, I said it. The 1.1% is the stuff that the DJs are starting to play that is totally against radio format. Shoutout to DJ Enuff for playing Skyzoo‘s Speakers On Blast on Hot 97 [NYC] the other day! Enough about that.. let’s get right into it!

Personally, I think this tape should hold you over for quite a while. It’s been a cool minute since I heard Skillz spit. He should spit a diss at one of his twitter haters. I’m just sayin’ though.

[download]. and while you’re at it, click on the pics to check out the quotes, and the tracklisting lol.


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