John Legend x The Roots x J. Period: Wake Up! Radio [mixtape]!

You already know that WAKE UP! is in stores now. This project [above] is NEWS to me, yet it’s been circulating the net since last month. John Legend & The Roots will be teaming up with J. Period to put out a mixtape called WAKE UP! Radio in late November. It will feature some heavyweights from both the hiphop and R&B genre on this tape, so stay tuned!

Starting off this firecracker will be the reunion [first time – ON WAX (since the late 90s)] of Pete Rock & CL Smooth, called ‘Our Generation’. For the crate diggers, and especially music lovers, you guys know that this was the same exact sample [by Ernie Hines (1972)] that was used for the ’92 classic, Straighten It Out. This joint right here was one of the many favorites that everyone loved from PR & CL. There is no denying the fact every hiphop fan was heartbroken when they heard about the split, but I’m digressing, so let get right into it.  Check below..

Here’s the first joint off the tape [& the two joints the started it all]:

  • Our Generation (J. Period Remix)[feat. Pete Rock & CL Smooth] [download]/[alt. link]
  • BONUS [1]: Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Straighten It Out [1992] [download]
  • BONUS [2]: Ernie Hines – Our Generation [1972] [download]

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