Marsha Ambrosius: The Ballad Of Hope She Cheats [Sex So Good] x Dream Inception

Damn, she is HOT!

Here is the next joint off her album, Late Nights, Early Mornings, called The Ballad of Hope She Cheats [Sex So Good]. I’m assuming that this is like the B-Side to I Hope She Cheats On You. It’s a pretty smooth track. The second joint is called Dream Inception. According to her, this track was inspired by the Inception movie, and an in-depth conversation she had about ‘dreams and life’ with a few others.

She also said that these are unfinished versions, but she wanted to showcase her producing skills to show you more of what she can do. The final versions will be released at a later date! Go ahead and stream/download the joints below. Mind you, the album is in stores November 9th!

  • The Ballad of I Hope She Cheats [Sex So Good] [download]
  • Dream Inception [download]


The Ballad Of I Hope She Cheats:

Dream Inception:


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