October 22nd: National Day To Protest Against Police Brutality!


This friday will mark the 14th Anniversary of the fight against police brutality. Political activists, students, families, workers, and everyone in between [all over the United States] will be taking their frustration to the streets about the mistreatment people receive from the cops! We’ve seen it much more recently with Manuel Jamines, and this has been an ongoing thing for quite some time! I acknowlege that there are some cops (and IMO, thats like 1 out of 50) out there that do their work just for the sake of humanity, yet there are 85+% of those who fuck it up for everyone else, which is part of the reason why events similar to these are given birth. This is a NATIONAL event, so check here for the cities that are listed in your area. If your city IS participating, yet NOT listed, email them at info@october22nd.org. Check below to see more of the ‘familiar’ names who were victims. ADDED [10/18]: Danroy “DJ” Henry [NY]

here you go. Make sure you come out and support this event. In fact, if you havent already, go purchase a copy of Stolen Lives book, which tell the stories of the victims who died and/or have been brutalized by crooked cops.

Oscar Grant. Sean Bell. Rodney King. Amadou Diallo. Manuel Jamines. John T. Williams. Javier Ovando. Juan Herrera. The Bloody Christmas victims [1951]. Brian Sterner. Arthur McDuffie [1979]. Aiyana Jones. Timothy Stansbury.  Anthony Baez. [more cases on police brutality victims (this is NOT all of them)]


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