JJ Barnes x J Dilla x Raekwon: Believes In God [not a ‘living doll’]

Something last night inspired me to put this set together; I guess I was in the mood to hear some Dilla last night, before I crashed out. Also, last night I even signed up for a soundcloud account so I can let you guys stream some of the music that I will post up, but unfortunately they give me only 2 hours of free streaming of music. In this case, because of that, when I run out of room, ill be deleting some of the music [in orderly fashion]. But anyhow, lets get into it.

Here’s my first ‘soundcloud’ stream. Check it out below.

I was looking for that Believe In God joint to knock out to, and somehow I came upon the original sample, and the pre-release of the track [’06] which features Ma Dukes. Anyways, I wanted to share it with you. The original sample came from the gospel singer, JJ Barnes, from his 1973 album, Born Again. I even provided the streams and [download]s below.

  • J Dilla – Believe In God [feat. Ma Dukes] (2006 advance) [download]
  • J Dilla – Believe In God (LP version ’07) [download]
  • Raekwon – Ason Jones (prod. J Dilla) [download]
  • JJ Barnes – You Are Just A Living Doll (1973) [download]

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