N*E*R*D’s Album Listening Parties: LA and San Francisco!

SVEDKA Vodka and Giant Step invite you to an exclusive opportunity to hear the sounds of Nothing, N*E*R*D‘s upcoming 4th album, which will be out everywhere on November 2nd. It will be taking place in two cities: Los Angeles [10/27], and San Francisco [10/30]. Just in case you guys get your hopes up, these two events will NOT have live performances, so be forewarned. This is definitely a FREE event, but entry is strictly RSVP only. The info above is for the Los Angeles event, so click the picture above to see where you can rsvp. The event for San Francisco is down below.

Whereas their first album, In Search Of…, was an imaginative, exploration of identities, their second album, Fly Or Die, sought out the range of genres and sounds that have influenced the group, and their third album, Seeing Sounds, grinded everything together, Nothing promises to be an album that delivers a brand new N*E*R*D sound, an album that amplifies the attitudes, style and persona that has made Pharrell, Chad and Shae the transcendent cultural icons they are today.


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