WKCR [89.9] Squeeze Radio (NY): The Intermission Of An Era.

This is a fucked up-ass year for all the real shit that’s ending. I’m not willing to turn myself into this new “shit”.

First.. it’s Fat Beats. Now, it’s Squeeze Radio: The home that the legends Stretch (Armstrong) & Bobbito help built at Columbia University (NYC). It stood strong for a good 2o years, up until a couple of weeks back, Sucio Smash was given the bad news that their ‘beloved radio show will come to an end’.  So, to fight back against the system, they released a petition online. Last night/this morning from 10pm-3am PST [1am-6am EST], people from all over the world tuned in to listen to Stretch & Bobbito do their thing.. playing some of most classic hiphop joints, and freestyles from Skillz, Q-Tip, Mobb Deep, Black Moon, D.I.T.C. (Fat Joe, Lord Finesse), Method Man [just to name a few] as well as hearing Bobbito dropping some knowledge on how some joints came about from various artists.

During the early 90s when New York closed itself off to the world, Stretch was the person who gave light to cats on the outside, like Opio [Hieroglyphics], Geto Boys [Mind Playing Tricks On Me], Eminem [before the Cage beef], and PLENTY of others. Stretch even talks more about that in this video, which was made almost a year ago. Given the opportunity to hear them do their thing tonight for the first time [and my last as well], I see why their show was considered the BEST hiphop show in New York.

I know that this is not the end of the legacy, which is why I called this an ‘intermission’. There will be bigger opportunities for them, and I honestly believe that everything does come and go full circle, so until then, just keep your ears to the streets, cause they’ll be back. They ALWAYS come back [word to Deltron 3030]!


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