Pharaohe Monch – Clap [One Day] (video)

To honor yesterday’s fight against police brutality, Pharaohe Monch released this video, which was shot at a Jazz Cafe in London, when he premiered it to a sold-out crowd. “Clap [One Day]” is the new single from his upcoming album, W.A.R. (We Are Renegades), to be released through W.A.R. Media and Duck Down in February 2011. This never seen before footage features Pharoahe’s passionate and intricate delivery, alongside vocalists Showtyme and Mela Machinko, and DJ Boogie Blind. Pharaohe Monch explains the inspiration for the song below.

“Instead of protect and serve, police often escalate situations, as with the cases of Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, or Aiyana Stanley Jones, and hundreds more who fell victim to police violence. I wrote this song to express my frustration, as well as raise the question of how our communities can create safety and prevent violence, without relying on police. My brother is a police officer so I know there are some well intentioned people wearing blue uniforms. But the issue of police violence is much bigger than good cops and bad cops, it comes down to a broken system which criminalizes our communities, and must be completely transformed.”


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