KCET x PBS: A BAD breakup.

I dont know if any of you have heard about the recent split, but just in case you havent.. let me inform you. KCET (the home of children’s shows like Sesame Street, and many others) has severed ties from PBS (in August). As a result of a financial dispute they’ve been dealing with under their name, KCET will be an independent station by the beginning of the year. Al Jerome, KCET’s Chief Executive, issued a statement (<–please read the comments below) in response to the fury of those who are angered with Al’s decision.

Now, as of October 11, KOCE will be taking place of KCET’s former role of parenting PBS.

To be honest with this ‘miraculous’ [?] move, I’m kind of questioning the future dynamics of the station. I’m wondering if they’re going to make the right decisions in maintaining the legacy that PBS is known for. I’m also left wondering now that PBS has found a home, what will KCET look like in January? hmmm..


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