October 22nd [LA] – Protesting Against Police Brutality [2010]..


October 22nd was an emotional day for most people, as we have just witnessed recently about the slaying of Danroy Henry in New York [10/17]. People have met up all across the country, even in some places I wouldnt have expected! I have yet to see the pictures of what went down in those areas, but that’s where I come in and show the pictures of what went down in LA.

We met up in Pershing Square [DTLA], and the wheels didnt get to spin until close to 4pm. All of us were waiting for other organizations to show up and the city to block off the streets. During the time there, I’ve been given a ‘tip’ about some undercover pigs (at least 3) in the midst of the crowd [Ive witnessed a guy call one of them out; he obviously denied being one]. Unfortunately, since last year, there were many other people that were added to the list of those who died by the cops this year, and there were more stories that have been told by the family and friends who havent had the voice to speak out. One thing that was mentioned at this particular march was that its inevitable that these marches wont end; we’ve been protesting endlessly for over 15 years and there’s no end in sight, so there’s definitely a need for a sense of direction to try to improve on what we can do as people to make this a serious case so that the cops are on their toes and not think about killing a human being senselessly. We are growing tired and weary of these incidents that cops get involved in. We’re tired of these crooked ass pigs getting away with these murders and dehumanizing us. THIS SHIT HAS GOT TO STOP. They’re really giving us a reason why we’re hating them, and the good cops are being tarnished in the midst. It’s the system that they’re a part of that’s giving them the authority to do these heinous things, and we have got to put an end to this bull. Check the pictures below.

See you guys next year, as the struggle continues.


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