The Boo-Over: The FINAL ‘DO’ OF THE YEAR!

Here it is, y’all. You know that Crane’s is closing. So, with that being the final blow to the sunday regulars [and newcomers], they better know what to do already. This means, NO Left-Over. NO New-Over [<–this is quite questionable]. There’s a few more details below, so please check it out..

The Boo-Over: Due to circumstances beyond our control, it is with great sadness to announce the closing of Cranes Hollywood Tavern next week. This Sunday’s Boo-Over will mark the last Do-Over ever at Cranes. It’s been an amazing six years at our home away from home, filled with incredible memories so we hope you will join us one last time as we Boo it all over for a Halloween Bash to remember. Costume Absolutely Mandatory (no ifs ands or buts)! By no means does this mark the end of The Do-Over, in fact, quite the opposite. In addition to our new home in 2011, we will be getting done-over in new cities, countries & continents. The fun has just begun…. Stay Dooned.

What’cha Wanna Do? Boo-Over!

21+. Full Bar.
Early Arrival Recommended.



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