Voices For Gaza: A Palestine Benefit Show [11/29]!

Next Monday, Immortal Technique will be in town speaking at UCLA. He (along with Chino XL and AKIR) will be speaking on the struggles that the folks over in Gaza are currently enduring. This is a benefit with a goal to raise money for the Childrens Hospitals’ over in their country! Please stop by and show support. This meeting will be held over in the Ackerman Grand Ballroom, and doors will be open at 7pm. The ballroom holds 1000 seats, so be sure to get there early because it will be a packed house! Details are down below.


3 thoughts on “Voices For Gaza: A Palestine Benefit Show [11/29]!

  1. Voices for Gaza? How many yammering maws does it take to scream for the death of the Jews?

    Admittedly, gathering a group of terrorist enablers in one place is a potentially useful idea, one that I hope and pray a human makes use of…

  2. wow. you’re funny.

    you think Palestinians are ‘terrorists’? Wow, I guess I am one as well, since I’m supporting this event. And I take it that you, being from Canada.. you have more in common w/ the American Tea Party nutjobs claiming that everyone that’s from Iraq/Iran are terrorist. How pitiful.

  3. Canada? Is that where the last relay on my router reflecting came from? 😆

    Nope. I’m American. And yes, I lump you with the Muslim terrorists since you support them. You should suffer at least as grim a fate as they do since you, at least, should have the capacity to understand your treason and evil actions.

    I truly hope and pray you and yours get a taste of your own medicine and that someone bombs the events.

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