Thanksgivends [Club 740]…

The folks who helped put together this event couldnt have picked a waaaaay better location (since last year). I found myself questioning it first [because of past shit I heard], but the way things turned out in the end; it ended up coming together smoothly. So here I am, once again back here (since the Grammy event) to witness another fresh spectacle come together under one roof.

There was already a huge crowd of people here when I arrived. B-Boys gettin’ down in the middle of the main room, while there was an all-45 set playing in the basement below, provided to you by Music Man Miles, PB Wolf, and others. The Soul Sessions & Boombox crew took over the main stage w/KG the Superstar hosting the event! You had over 40+ DJs over giving your ears some candy to groove too, with Jimetta Rose and E Reece performing a few songs. Thursday night was an awesome night to remember because from the whole set up, it had a concert-type vibe with the DJs doing their thing and the audience were on the first and second floors (from the view of the stage). Thanks to all the folks, organizations, and everyone else that helped put this together. The party people will be anticipating for an encore next year!


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