Somewhere In Chinatown, the BSM was taking over [12/12]

[I do apologize for the lateness of this post. My laptop broke down]

Things took off quite slowly over at the Beat Swap Meet [probably because of the Lakers game/two huge football games that went on during the day], but that didnt stop those that were in the midst of Chinatown from checking out the dope set up that the fam provided for the public! As many times I’ve been to the BSM, the surrounding areas wasnt as busy as it was yesterday! It was craaaaaazy! There were new vendors that joined the crew, providing all sorts of paraphernalia for the customers, new folks that came by and witnessed the Beat Swap Meet for the first time, and for the first time it dawned on me: WOMEN DO LOVE DIGGING IN THE CRATES (guys take notice lol)! I’m not saying that it hasnt occured, because you’ve seen that in my pictures of past BSM events, buuuuuuut my taking notice of that is just an acknowledgement that in addition to seeing the few women that do love that good hiphop shit at shows, that us as men have to appreciate these female diggers. So with that being said, ladies.. I salute you!

Considering that this was the last event of the year [next one will be in March], the ladies came out in full force. There were more women and kids out this time around enjoying the scene: watching emcees get on the mic and do damage, posting up by the Scratch Academy booth checking out the DJs do their thing, and just looking at what did each booth have to offer to the consumers. Upstairs, you had djs selling records, a few of them jumped on the tables and did a few sets, w/DJ HouseShoes (DETROIT) ending the session by doing an all-vinyl set; a Producer Showcase (w/LD Scatterbrain, Propaganda, Oddsequence, & and a few other emcees freestyling over the beats); Dr. Oop’s performance, and a mini-photo booth where you can take pictures in front of a wall full of records!

Thank you for making this last Beat Swap Meet end with a bang!


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