OAKADEMY: HUGE LA Launch Party [12/22]!

Hailing from Oakland (word to Oscar Grant), Oakademy is a lifestyle label that primarily focuses on music, art and creative consultation. They started solely as a music label, but naturally morphed into something larger when they’ve expanded to fine art to encompass all that they’ve f0und pleasing to the eye and ear.

Anyhow, they’re having a HUGE launch party, which will be hosted by Thurzday [U-N-I] this wednesday over at Zanzibar (Santa Monica), which will be showcasing talent from Oakland to New York. The folks who will also be catering to your ears will be Ro Blvd, [the homie] DJ 7, DJ Spill, and Miss Jack Davey [of J*DaVeY]. Make sure you RSVP for this event as well. Ladies get in free b/4 11PM that night. There’s more info about all that down below, so please check it!


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