The New-Over: Location Announced!

The new location for the Do-Over is finally announced! New Location. Same Hangover. Make sure you get here EXTREMELY early just in case! Better be safe than sorry!

It would be tough to kick off a new year properly without The New-Over. What has become one of our craziest events each year just got a whole lot crazier… Since exiting six wonderful years at Cranes, we didn’t want to settle for just any venue. We had to have an outdoor area, we needed more space for more people and we simply wanted a new atmosphere, all while maintaining our little house party / backyard feel.After checking out multiple venues and weighing out pro’s and con’s, we’ve decided we are going to spend our ultimate hangover at Jane’s House in Hollywood (view map). Jane’s House is an amazing Victorian house hidden behind Hollywood Blvd. with multiple levels and a massive wraparound patio. So, lets give it a shot and see if it can handle a doozy.


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