My Year In Review [2010] (an interesting read if you like)..

Damn. This year has had a huge influence on me in all aspects, and truth be told, I’M GLAD IT’S OVER. There have been awesome moments in time that I’m very grateful for, but for the most part I found myself being stuck on the negative things. Some people would think that I should just get over some of the stuff that went down, but fuck that. It’s not something that was caused by an outside source. Some of the things shouldn’t have happened, some were total misunderstandings, and others were outrageously… outrageous. But how does that saying go… it has to get worse before it gets better? Well, I’ll just stick it out for as long as I can, but I hope the tomorrows of next year will improve for the better.

First and foremost, I want to make known that this wont be no damn ‘fuck this damn year’ type entry. It will be more of an ‘acknowledgement’ post, per se. Two Thousand and Ten has been one big heck of a rollercoaster ride for most people, from politics, to music, to the most personal shit that people have ever had happen to them in all their lives. As for me? Hell, I can honestly say I’m one big rollercoaster, and most of my friends will tell you the same! Hmm… where can I start?

Politics: Ever since I got into the politics game, I’ve been devoted in giving my time in any way whatsoever to the causes that I felt strongly towards, being around people and voicing my beliefs (ain’t America a wonderful country [sarcasm]). From being a part of protests to being a part of community hall meetings expressing outrage towards the city council and the police, I appreciate all the experiences I’ve been given, all the friendships I made, and all the organizations that came out and put these events together, like RCP, A.N.S.W.E.R Coalition, all the union organizations that came together, The World Can’t Wait, PSL, just to name a few. Also, I am very grateful for my sister that moved out to DC to grow her political muscle, and through her I made a few more friends when I made my way out that way with a couple of my other friends. Though the struggle continues (word to Talib Kweli), we must not stop voicing out our disapproval of whatever we feel is not morally (questionable) right.

Some emotional moments in time:

  1. The FAILURE to bring Oscar Grant justice through the California system
  2. The Killing Of Manuel Jaminez Xum (community hall meeting in Westlake)
  3. Nazis Invading LA [w/LAPD ‘protecting’ them]
  4. The ongoing fight against Police Brutality
  5. The State Of The Nation Address (SONA)
  6. The NAACP/Breitbart Fuckery – Target: Shepard Smith
  7. The Haiti/Chilean Earthquakes 


Music: This year in hiphop has been good so far [to me]. Truth be told, I havent purchased any albums this year; only the tracks that have been ‘floating’ around the net promoting the anticipated drop by some artists. For the most part they’ve been speakerbox-worthy! For example, some of my favorite drops were by BP & ODDS, Skyzoo (along with !llmind), The Alchemist x Oh No, Homeboy Sandman, Top $ Raz, and many more. Then there was the weekly releases by ‘everyone and they mama’; Kanye West took the cake for the (arguably) illest shit, but Crooked I was the originator for the theme. This year, I went out of my way and listened to some new heads and found dope shit by Add-2, Phil Ade, Chris Classic, Sha Stimuli (dont know why I slept on him), The HNRL Crew, Ghostwridah, and the list goes on and on. I hope that this continues throughout the year of 2011, because my ears are still bleeding from the aftermath of wackness spewing from radio (go ahead, call me a hater).

Me: This year has been an okay one for me, but there are certain things that should’ve been changed on my end. Lost a few friendships, school has been okay, yet overall a not-so-good year (transitioning from school-to-school is difficult at times). There were a few goals that I wanted to meet last year that didnt go down so well, but since this is a new year, I have to have a new mindstate, right? So here it goes for more improvement on my life for 2011.

Honorable Mentions:

Blogging Family: Jessica (iHEART Dilla); Nina (MissChief 916); Jelani (Da Ill Spot x Guerilla Union); Elosi (BeLeather x Vibe Magazine); Jose (Word Is Bond); Candice (Pitchblend Media); Alexis (LAtina Beatz); Eileen (A Love Letter); Floyd (562 City Life); Amanda (DTLA Tonight); Vanessa (Phenomenal Distance); Alyssa (Lyssa Honey); Neida (Bella-Ri); Marcy (Da Street Buzz); Jenn (RedLight Promotions)…

Event Organizers: Jelani (Da Ill Spot x Guerilla Union x The Noise Academy); the entire fam at The Noise Academy; Jessica (iHEART Dilla); 501ER (ChinkyEyed LA x Duck Down); Jacklyn Blatz (Mizz Blatz Presents…); Plann B (Soul Sessions x Shift); UTMOS (Beat Swap Meet); Dennis Owens x Scott Weaver x DJ Abel (The Good Foot); Se’ Reed (Open); The whole One Love Community crew; Thee Dope Show; Eric Tandoc (Mass Movement); Manny Munoz (SOLED OUT LA x Proper Thursday); Inka One (BOOMBOX)…

Artists x Indie Clothing Comps: Ryan Spence (Planet Lucid); Maria Rodriguez (M.E.R.); Button Pusha &  Oddsequence (BP & ODDS); ZOOLAY; Juan Carlos (Edukation Athletics); Renzo (Listen Recovery); AnaMarie Davila [MISFitted]; Natalie Durazo [Honey B Gold]; Mike The Poet; Porschia Baker; Jragonfly (Commoners & Kings); Foci; IMAKEMADBEATS; J Freedome…

And an extra special shoutout to ALL of you who are trying to bring the entertainment back to Long Beach, from ALL genres of music! Keep doing your thing, because we DEFINITELY need the culture back! 2011 is OURS for the taking!

This post will be updated, but for right now.. im DONE. If I forgot anyone, dont blame me.


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