In honoring Dr. King…

…I’d like to say thank you for all of your courageous efforts in trying to bring people of all color together, fighting against senseless violence, forseeing ahead what was in store with the future of this nation, and, most importantly, being honorable in all that you do. Personally, I think we failed you as a nation. Although we have made progress in joining hands and breaking many color barriers, the ‘triple threats of racism’ that you’ve preached about still lurks in America, we’re still waging in senseless wars [President Obama has taken on Bush’s 8-year mess and still has yet to deliver on his ‘promise‘], and as of recently, I’m reading that this dumb reckless Pentagon official saying that you would be supportive of this.. war.. that we’re involved in because ‘we live in a complicated world’. What a bunch of bull. How disrespectful is that?

Now, with that intro out of the way, I just want to bring a few things to light, just like King did. One of the MAIN reasons he died was simply because he showed STRONG OPPOSITION to the Vietnam War. Just as many of MY (and maybe some of your) heroes has spoken out against what the government does, nine times out of ten they got killed over it, let alone seriously hurt. He didnt just speak about the heinous acts being committed in America and wanting peace, but he did express his views in a way that has to be met all across the world. He even spoke the truth about what would become of America if we took the war on. And how is it that he foresaw the factor that complacency will be our ultimate enemy in these days and times?

Speaking of these days and times, his main focus in everything that he does was that the truth should be made known, regardless of how the price is paid. He was the iconic example of a person that everyone should strive to be: a compassionate person who loved everyone, including his enemies during the treacherous times he endured, like when his house was bombed. Because of that, in order for us as a country, and as individuals to survive.. we have to have a heart like Dr. King’s. The media will praise and disect your bones from top to bottom under one breath, especially when it comes to speaking on what you feel, even if it’s totally against the objectives of the nation that we live in, regardless of where ever. How can anyone.. in this lifetime, be complacent… with that happening?

Most people in the world take bad news and heave it like trash. They dont want to have anything to do with it, nor do they want to accept it, let alone hear it. They’re not willing to challenge themselves against the actions or the news they’ve encountered. The sad factor is simply because probably they figure that all news is bad news, so they reject it, without any understanding at all except that it’s just… well, BAD. Some people have lost hope, but Dr. King hasn’t lost hope when he knew he was going to die. If you see something that you feel is wrong, it’s imperative that you voice it. Trust me, you wont be alone when that happens, because someone out there is obviously feeling the same way as you do. Dr. King was all about that. How can you be completely free from restrictions if you dont know how to express yourself? If anything we’ve learned from his time to now… is how we move backwards. In fact, personally, I think we’ve been walking in circles.. we’ve accomplished many things, but overall, we as a country, have failed terribly in progression, and for that Dr. King, I apologize.

Check around you. Read the newspapers. Listen to what’s going on around you. Pay attention to what’s going on in the world, especially around you. In life, you gotta look for the answers, and never be afraid to seek the truth, no matter what the cost.


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