Kev Brown – Open Mic Knight

Wow. I never saw this coming. More music from Kev Brown in 2011? Cant be that bad, although this joint was made back in 1999-2000 (music was still good then)! I have to admit, I miss hearing his music from the Low Budget crew member for the longest! Shoutout to one of the BIGGEST Kev Brown fans I know. Can’t fuck with him on that lol. You can stream and buy his music below [shit, it’s only $5]. Trust me, it’s worth it. Check out what he has to say as well..

“Maaaaaaaaaaaaan… Where do I start with this 1? This is 1 of a couple projects i put 2gether a long time ago. Probably about a good 10-11 YEARS AGO. This was back when I wanted 2 be am EMCEE when I grew up(as you can hear from the rappity rap kragenoff. I considered myself an MC back then. The beats were kinda secondary. I would put these kind of projects together and go around to open mics to perform and try to sell a few cd’s. Specifically THE REVOLUTIONARY CAFE!!!!!!!(brrrrrrrrap!!!!) Central Avenue, Capitol Heights MD Wuddup!!!!! PG County!!!! Shout out to my Manz Bruce Odams for throwin those open mics back then. I remember right after the open mic cleared out they would have the exotic dancers KRAGENOFF! (hood ish.)

I met alot of artists that would eventually become the LOWBUDGET CREW at that open mic. (theres a skit with me talkin to Cy Young briefly…) I actually went up to the open mic with my mini disk recorder 1 nite …thats where those live pieces in between a few songs come from. Its a couple cats in my own crew that have never heard these joints. I kinda cringe when I hear sum of my old stuff. I sound young as a mug on a few of these…haha. This was when I had an Akai S20 sampler, a Yamaha 4track digital recorder, a hand held mic I had bought from BEST BUY, a lil rack mount effects processor, a philips cd burner, a gemini(belt drive) turntable and sum house speakers. (once I got sum type of “real” recording equipment it was a wrap!!) You cant understand how HYPE I was once I got this equipment!!!!(shout out to MUSICIANS FRIEND CATALOG!) Big ups to EARLY REED too!!


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