Downtown LA Artwalk [2011]…

Seeing that the Downtown LA Artwalk was back in full effect for 2011, it was awesome to see that there was a HUGE turnout this time around, despite the fact LA almost lost one of its biggest cultural staples to the city. I guess the city got tired of cleaning up after the patrons and didnt have money in the budget to keep it going. That all changed once the DTLA community got involved. In addition, the layout of the popular spots were changed, due to the fact that (from what I heard) there was a filming of a movie/video going down in the vicinity of 4th/5th off of Spring St.

Remember the building that got torn down and was build into lofts off 4th/Main? Well, a portion of the space was turned into a showcase for the artwalk. Some of the food trucks were parked in their parking lot as well. I was in love with the whole new layout of the building; it was a party on the street level and vendors down below! Some of the galleries that closed since the month of October reopened back up. Pershing Square had the the ice skating rink in effect as well! When I walked up to 6th/Spring, there was an outside club poppin’ off on the patio of a building, a few feet away from The Falls. It didnt feel like an artwalk this month at all, although there were people that were mobbing in huge flocks. It was something to definitely be a part of. Check out the pictures below. Sorry for it being blurry.. I forgot to change the settings on the camera.


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